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The single “Just A Cowboy” is a truthful motif from the heart. Arvie Bennett Jr’s vulnerability shines through in the most beautiful way. The lyricism and meaning behind the song lay a powerful foundation for the precise acoustics and melody. The song “Just A Cowboy” is about staying true to who you are and Arvie stays true to that theme throughout the track. He’s proud of who he is, an introverted, emotional, human being, with feelings of his own. “I’m more than a cowboy hat, more than the dirty boots I wear. I’m just a cowboy trying to tame this wild horse inside, there are days I take the reigns and days I let it ride” he offers, perfectly describing the struggle inside everyone's mind. I think that Arvie Bennett Jr. has a mesmerizing vocal ability and an accomplish way of connecting with his listeners. His audience can interpret his lyrics in whichever way relates to them most. With so much success already we can’t wait to see what Arvie Bennett Jr. delivers next!


From Arvie and Bunny's unexpected romance, to Arvie's undying pursuit of Bunny's love, to Bunny's eventual fall for a broken, troubled man, and finally to their deeply passionate and inspiring love and dedication to one another...Arvie and Bunny share their story and their love with their audience.

Arvie and Bunny's stage show combines music from almost every genre and generation. Boasting a 1,200 song setlist, they are sure to please any crowd and keep them lingering. Having performed at over 1,000 venues in the last 8 years, Arvie and Bunny have honed their shows into a work of art.
My Early Years...
Singing in the youth choir and performing in plays in the community theater were fun distractions for Arvie, but his early passions were football and baseball. Arvie lettered four-years in both football and baseball at two different high schools, all while suffering a broken back during his Junior year of football at Barnwell High School. Arvie's faith, resilience, and passion for sports allowed him to pursue his childhood dream of playing collegiate ball at Lander University.
Born To Teen Parents...
Born to teen parents in the small mill town of Ninety-Six, South Carolina, Arvie Bennett Jr. began his life far away from the bright lights of the stage. Most of Arvie's childhood days were spent on his grandparents' farm, learning and living the life of a cowboy. Though money was often scarce, Arvie inherited something more than money could ever purchase... a Strong Faith in God, Undying Resilience in the Face of Pain, and a Passion for Life's Possibilities.
The Long Road...
On the road to Nashville, TN and Winter Records, Arvie Bennett Jr. has experienced the extreme highs and lows that inevitably come with being an artist. He has confronted the challenges that all musicians face each day, as well as dealing with his own personal demons.
Life On The Road...

Arvie released his first album in 1999 with the Christian rock band, King's Cross. Though the band saw limited success, the music seed had been planted in Arvie's heart and soul.

In 2008, Arvie met his beautiful wife Bunny and released his second solo project, That's Just Me. That's Just Me was a collection of country songs based on Arvie and Bunny's romance, as well as backwoods roots. The album was an immediate local success leading to the formation of the Arvie Jr. Band, which would perform at over 1,200 events over the next six years throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. During this year, Arvie was also a finalist in the Texaco Country Showdown.

In 2012, Arvie came to Nashville and Omni Studios to record for the first time. Two separate albums came out of that particular project, Leaving Normal and Arvie Jr. Band. Again, both albums saw local success and continued to push the Arvie Jr. Band forward toward larger shows and more recognition.

Goin' Outlaw was the first time Arvie used his real band, instead of studio musicians, on one of his projects. With a 38 show cd release tour on the calendar, the Spring of 2016 looked like a breakout year for the Arvie Jr. Band. However, due to personal issues, the Arvie Jr. Band ceased to exist and Arvie was back to being a solo artist.

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Going "TINY"

With nothing left to hold him back in South Carolina, Arvie and his wife Bunny cashed in their retirement, gave away most of their possessions, bought a little land about thirty miles out of Nashville, and built their own "Tiny House".

For a year and a half, Arvie didn't perform live but worked on the "Tiny House" and honed his guitar and writing skills. When the time was perfect, he began to perform live again throughout Nashville and the surrounding areas.

​Arvie just completed his 6 song EP, "Just A Cowboy" at Yellow Hammer Studios.  The "Just A Cowboy" EP will be available in February 2019 and the "Just A Cowboy" Music Video can be viewed on YouTube Now!  

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